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Telangana, India

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Software Development


Ways of Business

Soclogic is a leading Software Development Company with a strong engineering team to serve the industry in Software Product development, customization, maintenance and incubation.

We have a model where in the team/infrastructure is dedicated to the customer, and continues to operate from the infrastructure owned by Soclogic. Also we work on other models where in the knowledge; assets including the resources will be transferred to the customer to develops his own development center.

Turnkey Product Development

The team ‘s deep knowledge, rich hands-on experience on various technologies, Software Engineering enables us to provide valuable services with quality at a very low cost. We are capable of providing all kind of Software development services, as per customer requirements.


We understand every product need be customized to suit a particular solution based on a set of requirements. We do it for you. End-to-End support for engineering services and customization projects is a plus.


Soclogic does top class maintaining and upgrading the applications that are deployed in the customer environment as we understand it is always critical to ensure the availability of the services un-interruptedly.

Our technological expertise, quality standards, creativity and efficiency are combined in our services to deliver maximum value to our customers